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Assalamualaikum everyone especially to all preschool educators out there. The festive season will be ending soon and that means school season is just around the corner. This is the best time for you to prepare yourself for next year's teaching and learning activities. Well, I'd like to suggest some GOOD books for your reference as a preschool educators.

Take your time... if you are interested to buy any of them, just inform me at hanniaziz @ yahoo dotcom or call me at 019-9403659. Insya-Allah I'll be there for you.

20122008(035) Panduan Merancang Aktiviti Prasekolah


A4 size.

This is very helpful because there are so many examples of daily planning for thematic approach also for learn through play.
20122008(036) Permainan, Lagu & Puisi Kanak-Kanak


A4 size.

If you want your class to be entertaining, please include this book in your reference.
20122008(037) Permainan Kreatif untuk Guru & Jurulatih


A4 size.

If you plan to be a good teacher or educator, you simply need this book.
20122008(006) Panduan Bercerita untuk Prasekolah (NEW)


A5 size.

I'm reading this book and finding that it can really be usefull for anyone who would want to be entertaining while telling stories. And don't forget, the children should enjoy it.
20122008(007) Tadika Berkualiti


A5 size.

This is an evergreen book because in all my learning modules about early childhood education, it will be one of the reference. It has been republished with a new cover.
20122008(012) Panduan Untuk Pengusaha Tadika


A5 size.

This one is also a must although there are some redundant information if you compare it with Tadika Berkualiti.
20122008(010) Panduan Kurikulum Prasekolah


A5 size.

Exactly what you need for your regular reference. There are information of legalities for opening a preschool and the curriculum according to the National Preschool Curriculum 2003.
20122008(008) Pendidikan Sains Prasekolah


A5 size.

If you are applying integrated approach at your preschool, this book is a must.
20122008(009) Mendorong Kreativiti Kanak-Kanak


A5 size.

As a preschool educator you should know how to stimulate your pupils' creativity and what can you plan for that in advance. It's just a thin book.
20122008(013) Menjadi Guru Tadika


A5 size.

This is your book. As a preschool educator or teacher, please make this book your friend.
20122008(014) Psikologi Kanak-Kanak


A5 size.

To be a good educators, a knowledge in child psychology is a big bonus.
20122008(004) Koleksi Puisi untuk Kanak-Kanak


Size is bigger than A5 but smaller than A4.

Do you remember those childhood songs? Nursery rhymes? Yes... get this book and you'll be transfer back to those childhood days. Use it with your class.
20122008(017) Panduan Pendidikan Prasekolah


A5 size.

It's more or less has the same information as Panduan Kurikulum Prasekolah. Some information are different.
20122008(018) Panduan Pemakanan Prasekolah


A5 size.

Yes... this is also a must. In order to give the children a balance development in every aspects they need a healthy body which come from a healthy food.
20122008(019) Panduan Kognitif Kanak-Kanak Prasekolah


A5 size.

Cognitive development is one aspect of a balance childhood development. This is the aspect that focus on the brain development where mathematical and science skills are stimulate.

Well, these books are the best that I can suggest. I have a few more from another publisher but I won't be posting about them yet as long as they are not in stock in MariBaca. So... why wait? Don't you wish to get that 15% discount? Act NOW!

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