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Alhamdulillah nasib baik ada kawan yang rajin dan sempat teliti terlebih dahulu satu-satu berita. Barulah kakchik terasa lega sedikit membaca surat mohon maaf dari LEGO. Cuba baca di bawah.

Lego apologizes to Muslims over bogus box set image

Journal Inquirer ^ | 10/13/06 | Howard French

Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2006 10:09:22 AM by LibWhacker

Danish toymaker Lego Group today issued a pre-emptive apology to Muslims around the world for the appearance a second time since spring - via e-mail and on numerous Web sites - of an authentic-looking Lego box showing the prophet Mohammed in a sexually compromising position, company officials said.

"The picture of the box is computer manipulated and in the picture Lego elements are used to depict the Prophet Mohammed in a situation of a sexual nature - with a severely offensive text," Charlotte Simonsen, Lego's head of corporate communications, said in a company statement.

Lego operates its headquarters for North and South America in Enfield.

"The Lego Group wants to stress that there is no such Lego product, and that the company totally condemns the picture and the manner in which someone has made use of the Lego products and brand," Simonsen said.

"The Lego Group does not know the original source of the image which back in spring appeared on some European Web sites," she said. "Possibilities of stopping this use of Lego products and brands are being investigated, and the Lego Group is collaborating with the Danish police in the matter," Simonsen said.

Lego has posted a statement on its Web site,

A spokesman at Lego's Enfield offices could not be reached for immediate comment about possible tightening of security at the complex because of the offensive material. But in a brief phone interview from Denmark today, Simonsen said that Lego has not felt a need to increase security around its properties.

At this point reactions have been mostly disbelief that Lego would ever produce such a product, she said, adding people who have contacted Lego thus far have been understanding.

A cartoon published in a Danish newspaper last February sparked riots and other violence around the world as Muslims vented their anger over images that included one showing a turbaned figure suggesting an Islamic propensity for bombings.

In today's statement, Simonsen said Lego has watched a rising phenomenon in recent years of "artists" making "very creative models," usually promoting positive ideals.

"Other people, however, use our bricks for models that we never can and will support or endorse," she said. Such is the case with the Prophet Mohammed image being circulated around the Internet, Simonsen said.

"We would like to express our sympathy with anyone who is hurt by this. It is not at all in our interest that people are insulted by illustrations made with Lego bricks," she added.

Simonsen went on to say that Lego has no idea who might be behind the offensive image, adding the company has only "very limited legal possibilities" to stop such misuse of its products and images.

"We are, however, working with the Danish police in this recent specific matter," she said.

"We would like to stress that the Lego Group respects human rights and works actively against discrimination based on ethnical background, race, religion, gender, age, disabilities, or sexual orientation," Simonsen concluded.
Moga-moga benarlah berita ini. KakChik bimbang musuh-musuh Islam akan terus menyalahgunakan pelbagai kecanggihan teknologi untuk mewujudkan 'huru-hara' di dalam masyarakat Islam.

KakChik mohon maaf jika makluman yang disiarkan sebelum ini tidak tepat. Tapi ambillah ia sebagai peringatan bahawa musuh Islam akan sentiasa mencari jalan untuk merosakkan Islam.


  1. Hmm...macam2 cara nak jatuhkan Islam. Kekadang dari orang Islam sendiri. Tak tahulah nak kata apa... sedih gak.

  2. Kak Tie, memang setiap hari pun kita boleh tengok gerakerja nak menjatuhkan Islam ni, malah dalam akhbar harian kita pun banyak... dilakonkan oleh orang2 Islam sendiri.
    Sedih kan? Sebab tu kita kena sama2 ingat-mengingati, biar diri kita & keluarga kita selamat dunia-akhirat.


Kakchik ucapkan terima kasih banyak sebab teman-teman sudi memberi komen. Insyaallah kakchik akan membalasnya secepat mungkin.

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