Tazkirah Hati

The Road Less Traveled

When a gush of wind pushed me
To this road less traveled,
I thought I would stumbled,
I thought I would fumble in the dark,
I thought surely I’ll fall!

Little had I noticed,
The bruises on my body,
Had made it tougher,
To stand the wicked weather...

Little did I realize,
Every fall in the ditch,
Strengthens my spirit...

Little did I know,
Every time I thought I lost my soul,
I found faith bringing it back to me...

The feeling was different...
Because I have always wanted...
To see the light
At the end of the tunnel,
Because I have always imagined...
The beautiful landscape
At the bottom of the hill.

The feeling changed
From scared to blessed...
In the darkness,
I can see the guiding light...
In the loneliness,
I hear the voices of my heart...

Every time I lost my balance and fell,
HE made me persevere with determination,
To get up and never give up I must tell...

The road less traveled,
Surely the road not preferred!

Regret it not,
For it was not a choice,
Blessed indeed I profoundly felt,
Because the gush of wind...
Made me take the road less traveled!

~ RadenGaloh.


  1. Salam kakchik,

    Kak tie teringat satu poem..bertajuk serupa oleh Robert Frost 1915 _:

    Two roads diverged to the woods,
    and I, took the less travelled.

  2. Wkslm Kak Tie.

    Ha'ah betul kak, kakchik pun ada belajar sastera inggeris menggunakan puisi tu.

    Yang ni nukilah kak Raden Galoh yang kalau tak silap kakchik menghidap kanser yang agak tenat. Dia pun ada blog tapi kakchik lupa URLnya. Inipun salin dari blog kawannya.


Kakchik ucapkan terima kasih banyak sebab teman-teman sudi memberi komen. Insyaallah kakchik akan membalasnya secepat mungkin.

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