One place that I'd like to visit

Calcutta (Kolkata), India.


Because of the book culture there. Someone told me that the place is going to be the second UNESCO City of Literature... and seems like it's true. Previously I'd like to visit Edinburgh because it's the 1st. UNESCO City of Literature but now I get a new aim.

What is so interesting about this place? I don't know... maybe because books are everywhere... said my boss who've been there a few years ago. And you know I love books...

Calcutta is bidding to be the next UNESCO City of Literature. Mmmm... when would our city be the one? next 20 years? 30 ?

City of love... & literature?

Despite the bandh that brought the city to a halt on Wednesday, several scholars, teachers and students trickled into The Oberoi Grand to observe the unveiling of a bid document and the screening of a short film that might fetch Calcutta Unesco’s World City of Literature title.

The launch was preceded by a panel discussion chaired by Roy Cross, the director of British Council, Scotland, and trustee of Edinburgh World City of Literature Trust. Eleanor O’Keeffe from the Jaipur Literary Festival, Amit Jha, the director of Patna Book Fair and Tridib Chatterjee of Calcutta Book Fair spoke about organising literary festivals.


Searching and searching, here is what I can get about Calcutta. Take a look.

Footpath of college street. Famous for book sellers, specially old and used books. Once used to be a place where intellectual geniuses of the city strolled on the footpath looking for some rare collections . Though crowded heavily, still attracts book worms

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