TIP BISNES : In business you need to keep SELLING

BISMILLAH. Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Hari ni kakchik nak kongsikan tip bisnes yang dikongsikan oleh Abang Abu Mekanik Wang di fesbuknya. Perkongsian di sini ialah untuk memudahkan kakchik merujuk lagi di lain kali. 

TIP BISNES : In business you need to keep SELLING

In business you have to keep SELLING. without SELLING your cash flow might be effected and can make your business not very healthy.
In order to make your business grow than you have to be SELLING .

In order you can be always SELLING. So lets Start SELLING.

S = Set Target. Your Goals on how many you want to sell each day, week , month or year. SET TARGET ok.

E = Ever Ready. Always be ready with brochures, product, sales idea. Must be able to sell anytime, anyplace .

L = learn to ask good Questions! Questions will win customers .

L = Learn to Listen too. Don't keep talking and telling about your things. listen carefully what the customers saying and you can close big sales as well become loyal customers

I = Initiate. Always be the first to start conversations. After listening and ask good question, you must initiate the move to make them buy.

N = negotiate. Always have some ways that you can negotiate and allow them to have the space to negotiate. It's the key to 90% closing.

G= Get Refferal - Ask referrals from your customers, or even if they not decided to get our service you can always ask if anyone else that might need your service. You will be surprise with the result as many will be willing to do so as long you can get them to have connection .

So with this Lets start SELLING.....

KC: Terima kasih Abang Abu.

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